USDX: The stability you need, the flexibility you want

1:1 USD-backed Stablecoin

Fully Backed. Available 24/7.


Stablecoin Simplified

Diverse Holdings

Transparent and Accountable

Controlled Supply Expansion

Optimal Reserve Management

Networks Supported

Available on Ethereum, Flare and Songbird with planned expansion across more blockchains.

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Trust and Transparency.

Licensed Custodian:
Safeguarding your digital assets with the utmost care.

Attestation Reports:
Regular attestation reports will be made available confirming the integrity of our reserves and USDX's financial health.

Efficient Transactions:
On-chain efficiency at its best with USDX’s rapid and low-cost transactions.

Zero-Cost Operations:
Cost-free minting and redeeming, minus nominal gas fees.

Get and Redeem USDX

How does it work? 

  • Hex Trust stablecoins are backed by cash and cash-equivalents.
  • Each unit of USDX is supported by a corresponding reserve.
  • Reserves are held securely with a licensed and regulated custodian.
  • USDX can always be redeemed for 1 USD by approved parties.


Current balances

USDX Circulating Supply
USDX Circulating Supply
USDX Circulating Supply
Reserves in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that aim to maintain a stable value relative to that of another asset, such as a currency (often the US dollar), commodity, or financial instrument. This keeps their value steady, unlike most cryptocurrencies. They offer a way to hold crypto value without the wild price swings, making them useful for transactions and storing value. However, different types of stablecoins (fiat-backed, crypto-backed, etc.) come with their own set of risks to consider.

2. What is USDX?

USDX is a stablecoin designed to maintain a stable value relative to the US dollar, meaning 1 USDX is always intended to be worth 1 USD.

3. How to buy USDX?

Currently, USDX can be purchased exclusively through HT Markets. For detailed information, please contact We anticipate adding more authorized merchants soon.

4. What is the distribution model of USDX?

USDX is distributed through a process known as minting. When Authorised Merchants deposit USD into the designated account, an equivalent amount of USDX is minted and sent to their digital wallet.

5. What is the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy for USDX?

Authorized Merchants who wish to mint directly through USDX' issuer are required to undergo a verification process to comply with KYC requirements.

6. What is the ratio between USD and USDX?

For every USDX minted, there is at least 1 USD or an asset of equivalent fair value kept in reserve.

7. Is USDX audited by third-parties?

Yes, USDX plans to undergo regular third-party audits to ensure reserve transparency and trust in the system.

8. What is the utility of the USDX token?

Beyond being a stable store of value, USDX can be used in a variety of digital economy applications, from payments and settlement to smart contract interactions.

9. Can USDX be stored in different types of wallets or accounts?

USDX offers flexibility by being available on multiple blockchains: Ethereum, Flare, and Songbird. This allows users to easily store and manage USDX using various wallets compatible with these networks.

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